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How to stay positive in hard times

2020 was to be the time for a huge change. So many claims of “screw 2019, what was that?”, “2020 will REALLY BE MY YEAR”.

And then…we are stuck home. We go from working to not working (if you are considered non-essential, such as myself). Side note, to those that are essential at this time, THANK YOU. Thank you for going in every day, thank you for all you are doing, whether you are a nurse, a CNA, a gas station cashier, a drive-through operator, whatever you are doing in this time of uncertainty, THANK YOU.

Back to being stuck home. I have gone from being around many people a day to just me and my kids. I can’t go see my mom and brothers because my mother is high risk and being that I work in hair, leading up to the week before this got more serious, I spent 2 weeks around more than 200 people. I have deep cleaned most of the rooms in my house, working on my garage which also triples as my art studio, our home gym, and my fiancee’s office. My kids are at the point that they are bored with not having school and the 13-year-old is instigating the 5-year-old.

But let’s turn that to a positive.

We aren’t STUCK. We are blessed with a roof over our heads. We have food in the fridge and we have hygiene.

I miss my clients, but I missed my kids more. I missed my time with them for slow, unrushed mornings and cooking dinner and hearing their laughter more than an hour a day. I get to see the skills my 5-year-old has first hand. My 13-year-old actually comes out of her room now, she is no longer hiding in her room as she usually does to decompress.

Deep cleaning is something that needed to be done in order to get my home to a good working in order rather than the chaos it was. And I have the supplies, the ability and the TIME.

I can sit down and read a book, both alone and with my youngest. I finished a painting I picked up and put down for over a year. I have time to write here, something that up until now, I didn’t have the time to do! And I enjoy this.

Rather than complain about the dishes through the day and from making meals, I choose to be positive, I GET to make meals for my family.

Rather than complain about being bored, I choose to learn something new or practice on something I have been struggling with.

My point is this. In these times we can focus on all the negativity or we can take each negative thought and turn it into something positive.

If you try this, leave me a comment with your negative turned positive thought!


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