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Finding time

lotus, finding time

24 hours in a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. 8 hour work day (typically). Bathing, chores, cooking, cleaning…so many things that take up our time. Oh, and sleep.

We are living in a time now where some of us only HAVE time. And we can complain of being bored or we can find ways to bust it.

At this time, I have been out of work since March 22. I have almost finished deep cleaning and cleaning out closets (I don’t spend every day on this task simply because I DO have time. )

But more than that, I have focused on my kids. Not just in homeschooling but in getting to know them. My 5 year old knows a lot more than I knew, including tossing new big words in her vocabulary and learning new skills. My 13 year old has evolved into this really cool kid that doesnt actually hate me like most teens hate their parents…yet.

We have spent time painting nails, painting pictures, drawing, making glitter things.

When I step back, this is all really enjoyable.

I am also finding I have time to take care of myself. I am discovering a self love that goes beyond being a stylist.

Self care is vital in this time.

I have took up my art again. Now, I always do something creative, that is what my upcoming business is based on. But to actually finish something in two days that would take a month before, due to work and a crazy schedule. I have time to play with new styles of art and loving the results. The painting I did last night is like nothing I have ever done and I was thrilled with my turn out.


I make my “me time” a priority. Even if that means my 5 year old is on the yoga mat next to me or working out with me, or I am learning a new ballet dance with her (I am learning I have no grace whatsoever!), the fact of the matter is, we are exercising. I make all our meals, I make sure no one is snacking unconsciously, myself included. When I work, I make a quick deli run next door and to be honest, my choices are never all that healthy. I also detest microwave meals, so those are a no go.

With adding in these habits that I JUST COULDN’T FIND TIME FOR, I have lost 4 pounds in the last week and feel better over all.


I take time everyday to take care of my skin and soothe my soul.

My skin care is a bit insane, and until again, I had time,  sometimes I used a makeup wipe and a toner and forewent all my other steps. My skin care, morning and night is pretty extensive, and I enjoy it. I will share that, and my dry brushing routine later this week, because I make dry brushing a daily routine as well.

I have been skipping makeup most days just because, but on the days I do it, I dont have to rush.

My baths are longer (as long as the youngest is asleep) when I take them. Epsom salts, essential oils, a bath bomb. I play guided meditation while in the water, and for that time frame, my mind is free and open and my soul is nourished. You should try it, really. It does amazing things for you.

I have time to write and read as MUCH AS I WANT.

I am currently reading “Chasing CupCakes” by Elizabeth Benton. I absolutley adore her and I also listen to her podcast, Primal Potential, on a daily basis.

I am also working on finishing a book I started writing two years ago that again, I kept putting down.

My main point here, is NOW is the time. I know most of us are still busy, some are still working. but in the midst of the panc, find your calm.

What are some ways you are taking better care of yourself right now? Here are some ideas for you!

Blue Self-Care Checklist Advocacy Interactive Instagram Story


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