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Hello, 2021!

I'm baaacccckkkk. Seriously, though, I really let go of blogging last year. My depression set in, and my world went haywire in June. June 1st to be exact. As with everyone, 2020 proved to be the year of great trial, gratitude, and many suffered from great depression. I went through many stages, On June 1,… Continue reading Hello, 2021!

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Journal Prompts April 12

Happy Easter! This week starts my new journaling series. I find that when I put things down on paper or just release anything I am feeling into my journal every morning, I feel better about my day. I don't feel so stuck. Sometimes if I can't think, I will use a prompt to get my… Continue reading Journal Prompts April 12

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Finding time

24 hours in a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. 8 hour work day (typically). Bathing, chores, cooking, many things that take up our time. Oh, and sleep. We are living in a time now where some of us only HAVE time. And we can complain of being bored or we… Continue reading Finding time